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Many people spend a lot of time choosing the right kind of kayak and even kayak helmet, but they don’t spend enough time choosing the right kayak paddles. In most cases, they will simply take what the salesperson gives them. Sometimes, they may simply buy the cheapest one available. The truth is that the wrong kind of paddle can make a kayaking trip a lot more difficult than it needs to be. Before buying your paddle, it makes sense to know how to buy the right one for you.

Size Matters

The most common mistake people make while buying kayak paddles is that they buy ones that are of the wrong length. To choose a paddle of the right length, you need to consider your own height and what kind of paddling you will be doing. For instance, whitewater rafting generally calls for a shorter paddle, while those for touring kayaks are generally longer. The kind of kayak you will be using also plays a role in choosing a paddle of the right length.

It also helps to know what material the kayak paddles are made of. Accent paddles have a solid foam core that is coated with carbon and fiberglass, with Dynel edging. This ensures that the paddle inflatable paddle board is not only light, but is also strong and durable. This kind of paddle also comes with a LokTite Feathering System, so you can easily adjust the angle. Another factor to consider while buying a paddle is whether you want a straight or bent shaft. Both shafts have their own advantages. Straight shafts are comparatively lighter and less expensive, which is probably why they are also the more common kind of paddles. Paddles with a bent shaft are more comfortable to use, puts less strain on the joints, and are better for proper stroke alignment.

Shafts And Blades

The diameter of the shaft is another thing to consider while buying kayak paddles. Interestingly, this is usually the last thing that people think about. In many cases, they don’t even consider this to be an issue. The fact is that a shaft with a diameter that is too big will prove to be a difficult grip when you are on the water. If the diameter is too small, you will have problems controlling your paddle. While buying a paddle, make sure it fits comfortably in your hand. Remember that even small comfort issues that may not seem like a big deal in the store could end up being a big pain when you are out in the water.

Last but definitely not least, you need to consider the kind of blade that will be on your paddle. There are two kinds of blades available-unfeathered and feathered. In an unfeathered model, the blade is in the same alignment along the shaft of the paddle. This makes for an easy entry into the water and is also easier to use with either hand. A feathered paddle has the blades at an angle to each other. This cuts down wind resistance and is best suited for small-angle paddling. By taking these tips into consideration, you can buy kayak paddles that are best suited for you, your kayak, and your kayaking expedition.

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