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Just a few years ago, it would have been almost unthinkable to use streaming video service for something as mundane as personal videos. Today, however, this is not only possible, but also a very convenient way to use the media.

Q: Why should I use streaming video for my personal films?

A: As you know, pictures and videos demand very large files. Instead of sending those files with email, it’s much smarter to put them online in flash players, and then invite your family and friends to watch them in their browser.

If you use software that can create streaming video, your visitors don’t even have to wait for the film to download. They can start watching after a few seconds

Q: What kinds of videos could I use?

A: Family reunions would be a nice choice. People love to watch themselves on video time and time again. So record those family reunions, and put the output online afterwards. Your family will love you for it.

Another option would be birthday cards or salutations. Instead of sending a card, you can record a video with a Flip cam or web cam. Send off your happy birthday wishes by video. Alternatively, show the newborn to your friends and family in a video.

Obviously, if you have kids or pets in the house, you can record movies with them, and set them online. Even strangers like to watch funny or cute situations.

Q: Could I use it to create a special gift for somebody?

A: Yes, that would be an excellent idea. Let’s say that you want to offer a friend an Amazon gift card. You should start by creating a video, greeting your friend, and then to set up this video on a secret page. Create another page with the number from the Amazon gift card, and let the film redirect your friend to this page, when he’s seen the video.

This would make for a great surprise. First to watch a personalized greeting, and then to receive the gift in such an original way.

Q: Any other ideas about how to use streaming video with personal videos?

A: Plenty. You can record yourself on the fishing trip with little Timmy, and set the video online on your blog. Conversely, get somebody to record you, while you’re cooking your special dinner. In fact, you can use video in any way you like, and it’s easy to both record it today, and to set it online, thanks to streaming video software.

Q: How can I get more tips about streaming video?

A: Streaming video can make the difference between failure and success. Make sure, you learn more about how to use it.

You can get streaming video software that can create custom sized players, redirect your visitors, etc. very cheap.

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