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Last week I wrote an article about ad writing and in this I talked using Google Analytics, a free online business tool that I use to keep track of different statistics on my websites.

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I have been getting e-mails and calls on this, so I decided why not just go ahead and write about this today. This is a free online business tool that Google offers to analyze the traffic to your website or blog.

To get started using Google Analytics you will need to have a Google account but this is easy enough to do. Once you have this set up just hit the sign up button on You must be the owner of the website or have permission from the owner to get started using this free online business tool.

Once you are signed up just follow the instructions and fill in all of your information as prompted. Then they will give you a code that will provide tracking data for your website. This code should be added at the very end of the page coding </body> and </html>

Once you have placed this code, head on over the Google Analytics site and click on the website you are ready to review, this will bring you to the dashboard.

Google Analytics gives you graphs and charts to keep help you track of all your websites statistics. It will let you know how many people visited your site, where they came from, which pages they were on and how long they stayed on them as well as if they are a new visitor or a repeat one.

Google Analytics will give you everything you need to know about the traffic that comes to your site as well as within it. The marketing summary tool lets you know the top sites that are linking to you and the keywords that your visitors used to find you.

The content summary tool lets you know which pages are the most popular, this will let you know where to place those links, banners or your opt in forms. You can get more detailed information by clicking on the various menu items, just click around and check things out. It is pretty amazing all the information you are going to get Find Business Tools.

Now this is my favorite tool and one which I use often, this tool is called the url builder. We all know the importance of tracking all of our advertising campaigns, Right? This free tool is available is available in the Google analytics help center. All you need to do is fill in your URL, your campaign source, campaign medium and campaign name and hit the generate url button. The tagged link will appear, and then all you do is you copy and paste it to your ad.

If you don’t already have the Google Analytics Free Online Business Tool, go ahead and get this today it is the best tool around to that gives you the lowdown on your site. You can get all of this information and more by heading over to their blog analytics.blogspot. This website will give you all of the information that you will need to make the most of this free online business tool.

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