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Every SEO company is different, but all worthy businesses have a basic, same-goal: To help grow your online business. After all, at the end of the day, your SEO business s work is to partner with you to guide organic traffic, secure more sales, phone calls, blog posts, and other purchases through organic search results. Organic search growth is non-guaranteed, so it’s always wise to consider all your options and work hard to get as high up in the SERPs as you can. But what makes an SEO company successful? Below are some of the top questions any client should ask their provider.

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What strategies will the SEO agency use to promote your site? Some SEO companies use outdated tactics like “word-trading”. This may sound like a good idea when you’re first starting out, but most agencies don’t stick to the original ways of doing things. Instead, what you want are proven tactics that work without the help of the big SEO firms. Most SEOs will do this best by hiring a team of experts, or perhaps even freelance writers to write articles for them to incorporate into your website and PPC ads.

What digital marketing strategies are most common? One of the most common questions clients ask about SEO company is whether or not their agency uses social media to its full potential. While it’s true that some SEOs have incorporated social networking into their campaigns, the best companies to stay away from these methods altogether. Instead, most digital marketing agencies use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other major social networking outlets to engage their clients’ audiences.

How does your SEO firm reach its target market? Social media engagement doesn’t just give your firm an edge in the race for visibility with its target market; it also helps solidify your brand identity in the mind of your audience. It helps build brand credibility by giving you a chance to directly respond to the questions and concerns of your customers. Off-page optimization isn’t nearly as effective, because your target market isn’t looking at your website content – they’re searching the web for information.

Does your SEO agency offer analytics to track your progress? If you’ve found a good company, you won’t have to worry about this. An experienced digital marketing company understands that analytics is just as important as optimization, and they make sure their team has access to the best analytics software and systems possible. With detailed reports about your website’s performance, a good company will also be able to tell you how to optimize your pages for the search engines, how to get more people to your site, and how to improve the look and feel of your site overall.

Do you only focus on rankings? Some companies will tell you that they don’t need to worry about ranking because they’ll just do SEO, which will naturally get them traffic. The problem with this strategy is that the majority of Internet users are looking for results – they want to see whether a certain site is valuable. A good company will recognize that there’s a difference between traffic and value and not only offer SEO optimization services that help improve your web traffic, but also offer tools to track and measure your return on investment, your conversions, your click-through rates, and your overall success.

What tactics do you employ to draw traffic to your site? SEO services include everything from blogging and link building to pay-per-click advertising and article marketing. If you have an experienced company, every strategy will be linked to an individual tactic that will draw the right kind of traffic to your site. If you try every tactic individually, you’ll never know which will actually work and which will be a waste of time and money. With SEO services included, your SEO services will encompass every element of your strategy and teach you which tactics to bring you more traffic.

What tactics should you use to attract your target market? Every SEO firm has their own unique brand of business goals, and what works for one company may not work for another. It’s important to ask questions about your target market to find out what they want and how best to deliver the message to them. An experienced company will listen to your goals and develop tactics that will meet your objectives and business goals. From there, you can work together to create a successful marketing strategy.

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