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James Bond is our thing. My surrogate brother and I have been Jones-ing on Bond for the entirety of our lives, but it didn’t mature into the level of sophistication that it’s at now until Casino Royale came out. From that point, it’s been Bond style martinis and Texas Hold ’em, along with vague MI6 references and a plethora of other things.

That said, we obviously attended one of the first showings when it came out on Friday, November 14. It happened to coincide with the grand opening of a brand new theater in town. The Biltmore Regal opened with 16 screens, stadium seating, and free popcorn and drinks on the first day. That fact alone made it great, considering that Asheville has no movie theaters of that scale, and I don’t feel like driving thirty miles down the highway to have the experience. But on with the movie.

Wait. Before the movie. Star Trek trailer: My lack of fascination with Star Trek is well documented, but I must say… J.J. Abrams has my complete trust and I will watch anything he participates in. That said… the trailer looks like the dictionary definition of win (to succeed by striving or effort: ‘He applied for a scholarship and won.’) Star Trek will be an article for another time, however Situs Judi Bola Resmi.

Back to Bond.

Beginning: Starts out great, full of immediate action. But it isn’t mindless action; You have to be familiar with the ending of Casino Royale to really understand it. Once you think back to Casino and how it ended, you will quickly understand what exactly is going on. From there, it evolves into a suspenseful affair as a bad guy cliche is brought up and that cliche is immediately broken in a surprise twist. It is actually remarked upon with a dry bit of humor, later in the movie.

Middle: Stays solid, and we get involved with super hot Olga Kurylenko who has been featured in a slew of French movies over the past couple years. She is notable for being the only Soviet-born Bond Girl, and the communist party of Saint-Petersburg has called her involvement with the series an ‘Intellectual and moral betrayal.’

The middle part of the movie, far from slowing down as many movies do, keeps going at a fast pace but without being mindless and predictable.

We get to see the hard edge of this new Bond slip away and reveal the tense and close to breaking interior that he has been sporting since the Vesper ordeal. Which actually makes a hell of a lot of sense, considering that Quantum of Solace, again, takes place immediately after Casino. We see his exterior crumble in a way that was almost as poignant and touching as Jack Bauer’s breakdown at the end of Season 3 of 24. But it never quite gave way to the pure heartbreak. It skated on thin ice, and then jumped back into full action that we now see as typical of the latest Bond rebirth.

End: I loved the end of the movie. It features closure, a bit of dark humor, and greatly desired revenge. There is a very nice relationship between M(played by Judi Dench) and Bond, that I enjoyed watching to such an extent, that I wished there was more on-screen dialogue between the two.

One of the drawbacks of the film (meaning, the low point for me) was a bland chase scene featuring a cargo plane and a propeller driven fighter plane. The scene ended well, but for the most part, it was several minutes of boring in the midst of a great movie.

For the grand finale: Stop complaining about Daniel Craig. I’ve heard from multiple people and critics that he doesn’t measure up to Sean Connery and Roger Moore; He’s not charming, he’s unattractive, and he’s not playing Bond the way Bond is meant to be played.

News flash, folks: The world has evolved a lot from the Cold War, and Pierce Brosnan aside, if the series is going to continue taking place in the modern world, then James Bond needs to evolve as well. Just because he doesn’t spend the whole movie sweeping women off their feet, as opposed to a few scenes, does not really mean that he’s not playing Bond the way he is meant to be played. I think what we’re seeing is the natural progression of a character through time. I am not sad to see it happen. I loved the old James Bond, and I am enamored with the new James Bond. The ultimate action hero, combining suave fashion with an efficient killing machine.

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