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Many people enjoy riding a canoe so much that they decide to buy one of their own. Some people do this because it is a much cheaper alternative to renting canoes every time they want a canoe ride.

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However, many people do not understand the responsibility that comes with buying your own canoe. In order for your canoe to take care of you, you have to take care of your canoe.

Nowadays, many canoes come in fiberglass, Kevlar, aluminum, and other materials. For canoe paddles, however, many people still prefer wood. The beautiful look of these units adds a little “old history” feeling to canoeing. Also, creating your own wooden paddles allows you to release a pent-up creativity and helps you make great gifts for friends THC Vapes Shop.

Wooden units also allow you to save money on buying paddles made from synthetic materials.

Taking care of wood canoe paddles, indeed, even making your own paddles is relatively easy with the number of materials like canoe paddle oil that are available today.

It is very important in the creation of your own paddle. Why, you ask? This is because it prevents your canoes from being waterlogged and damaged. In other terms, it prevents water from seeping into the wood of your paddles. As you may well know, waterlogged wood will rot. By applying it to your creation, you make sure that it will last for a long time, even with constant use.

You may be asking “but why not just use paint?” Well, the reason that canoe paddle oil is used is because it retains the texture and look of the wood while preserving it. It is also very easy to apply and even beginners can touch up their paddles with minimal risk of marring the design.

Where can you get it? There are a lot of supply stores where you can get it conveniently.

Wood working shops – these shops can often offer you canoe paddle oil because they know wood and they know which types of oil can serve as protection for your paddles.

Going to a wood-working shop is recommended because the effectiveness of the canoe paddle oil often depends on what type of wood your paddle is made out of. You see, some types of wood need more oil in order to completely protect them from the effects of moisture. Still other types of woods are better protected by specific types of oil.

Canoe supply shops – since these stores sell you canoes and canoe accessories, isn’t it logical that they would also sell you the stuff you need to maintain your canoes? By going to canoe supply shops, you can make sure that the type of canoe paddle oil you are getting is up to the standards of the company. This means that you will expect to get results from using their product.

At home – what many people do not know is that many types of oil found at home can also act as canoe paddle oil. However, before you pour that cooking oil all over your paddle, you need to make sure that the wood can be protected by that oil and not just make it greasy. Some people recommend using olive oil.

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