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Dried foods are food products that have been preserved through mechanical means such as curing or heating. Although drying methods may use heat, air, or chemical substances, all of them ultimately result in the preservation of the food. Dried foods are used to store energy and nutrients in order to extend their shelf life. They can be stored in pantry shelves, emergency kits and survival kits, emergency food storage kits, refrigerators, and freezer cabinets.

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The most common way to dry foods is through air circulation. Food drying is a technique of food preservation where food is dried using low moisture conditions. High levels of moisture encourage bacterial growth, decay, mold, and spoilage. Dried foods may be kept in air-circulation systems, dehydrators, dehydrating trays, under counter dripers, and freeze dryers.

Under counter dripers are best for dried foods that are low in moisture content. This is because air and moisture quickly evaporate from these types of foods. These dripers are best used for dried fruits and vegetables. Freeze drying is an effective drying method used for fresh meats, fish, and poultry. Freeze dried foods are best stored in air tight containers. Foods need to be thawed slowly for optimum effects kingfoods vietnam.

Air circulation systems, which include blowers and dryers, are used for dried fruits and vegetables. Due to the lack of moisture present in green leafy vegetables, they tend to spoil quickly. Most green leafy vegetables need to be harvested immediately after they are plucked from the plant. Dried fruits and vegetables can be purchased already dried from suppliers.

Freeze drying is also used as a food preservation technique for dried foods such as dried meats and fish. Freeze dried foods are usually stored in air tight plastic bags. Foods need to be thawed slowly for optimum effects. Food preservation with the use of a food dehydrator is safe, hygienic, preserves the food, and is inexpensive.

Dried fruits are mainly used for preserving or re-frying fruits that have been cut, soaked, or crushed. Dried vegetables are also produced with the help of a dehydrator. Most dried foods, especially those that are high in moisture content such as dried meat and fish are not suitable for consumption. These types of foods should be stored in air tight containers. These can either be thrown away or re-used.

Dried fruits are mainly produced in tropical countries like Africa, India and some other developing countries. Dried vegetables, which include raisins, dates and figs, are produced in dessert form. Dried tomatoes are used in a variety of cuisines. In Mexican cuisine, tortillas are coated in dried tomatoes before being eaten. Some manufacturers preserve tomatoes and use them to make salsa and other sauces.

Plastic freezer bags are an important part of preserving dried foods. Food dehydrators are important equipment for preserving dried foods in a safe and hygienic manner. They help in retaining the nutrients and moisture, which are vital for the survival of plants.

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