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They come in all shapes and sizes. There are cars and then there are sports cars. Deciding which ones are the best sports cars is like figuring out the meaning of life, well not that deep, but just think about it. Not only is the definition of a sports car up for debate, but then once you have that definition you still have dozens of cars from several several countries spanning the globe to sort through.

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To help sort out the mess, our goals are to break this question down to the root and at the same time have a lot of fun, such tactics as creating a list of top sports cars comes to mind or how about interactive reader polls? Among these top sports cars we can break them down by sub-category, region or even manufacturer, keeping in mind that some of the top sports cars are made by the same group of manufacturers as well as the individual manufacturers themselves, life is full of important decisions and sometimes figuring out your favorite involves several models of the same make!

Now it might sound like I am speaking in code or just avoiding the subject as I have yet to get into specifics, however the aim of this intro article is to get the juices flowing and remember that the aim will be to stay as agnostic as possible. This means no bias! Even towards which cars I personally view as the best sports cars, a view that has changed over time and will be discussed in subsequent articles including the very car that first piqued my interest in the subject, which is still near and dear to my heart, but no longer what I personally view as the best sports car.

For now it is our aim to start defining categories and first one that comes to mind is the exotics. No brainer here! As whatever standards you have for a sports car, you will most likely find an exotic in there. Not so clear cut is the gran turismo, the grand touring as it is known in the US or simply “GT”. This will be a fun category to dissect as well as the sport compact bunch which includes anything from the entry level compacts in sport trim to the road going competitive rally cars. In addition, a great debate will go towards the muscle car genre as well as their close relative and at times referred to as one in the same, the pony car breed. Still up for debate, but most certainly in the discussion is the roadster class, most cars of this genre fit most if not all of the criteria most will argue embody the true sports car. Basically, the list goes on and it will be our responsibility to break it down.

Finally without further ado, these articles will put some of this information to use, if you’re obsessed like I am, surely your desktop has a sports car wallpaper theme or even a revolving set to match your mood or the season. Additionally, to truly taste what life has to offer and without having the bankroll of a Silicon Valley startup or royalty, we will discuss ways that you can experience as many of the best sports cars as possible such as tips for finding used sports cars, where to rent top sports cars and even other avenues such as track day experiences where you can test a variety of the best sports cars in their natural habitat- the track.

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