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When building a flagstone patio or walkway, there are so many different variations and ideas that you can use to build something stunning. Due to flagstone coming in so many different shapes, sizes, depths, widths, etc, you have multiple options. Here are some designs that are creative but also should look amazing at anyones home.

Top 60 Best Flagstone Patio Ideas - Hardscape Designs

The first design that most people use is called the ridged and spread out design. This design is used for a pathway that have multiple spaces in between the flagstone flagstone patio ideas. By placing a few pieces here and there, you will have what looks like steps or stepping stones for a path. This looks great for people that live by a lake and can incorporate this with going down to the lake or boat house.

The next design is very creative and it involves buying multiple colors of flagstone. Place a different piece of flagstone next to each other but make sure that they are not the same color. As a a result, you will have a patio that looks like nothing of its kind. It will stand out from the rest of the house and people will surly be amazed.

The last design that can be used when building a patio is the old school design. This design is used when you would like to have the same color throughout the entire path or patio. Simply place all of the flagstone pieces together to make one uniform looking structure. This will make everything come together and it will look amazing.

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