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This is my follow up to Affiliate And Referral Marketing, The 21st Century Silk Road – Part 1, if you have not read Part 1, you may search Google for the title above or search the archives of this resource.

Main trade corridors (Silk road Economic belt and... | Download Scientific  Diagram

Effective and efficient marketing and distribution of products and services, is the missing link that will unite our planet and provide an equitable foundation upon which to build sound economies. I have selected Affiliate and Referral marketing as the most likely to succeed at these tasks.

Market speculation is a wasteful form of doing business in my opinion. I am not an expert in any speculative markets; I only look at the symptoms of the world economy and find a lot to be desired silk road economic belt. When we harness the power of cooperative effort, most of the lack and decay we see will be eliminated.

Multi-national corporations and individuals will benefit from Cooperative Economics, and the system that I have been investigating fits well as a candidate to serve the most people. Sharing our goods and services leads to a healthy rapport along our evolving trade route.

Building a Global Cooperative by branding a single URL, is the most cost efficient way to build. Member concerns will automatically benefit from the traffic to the cooperative, through a calibrated behind the scene process. This process will insure the equitable and efficient distribution of new consumer traffic into the cooperative.

The initial product that is offered by the cooperative should be able to be delivered electronically over the Internet to establish a broad global base. The product should also be affordable to the largest number of people possible to allow for participation of low-income individuals. Once the cycles and areas of growth are established it will be possible to expand into more tangible products.

The potential for this type of system to provide benefits to the great and the small worldwide is enormous. There are other ramifications that may be considered in a future article that could change the way we live our daily lives. There are too many people living in poverty in a world with the talent to do better.

Like the Silk Road of ancient times, this process will stimulate more travel and exchange of ideas and culture, which will serve to unite our disintegrating world. Communities that are now disconnected from participating in the abundance this planet has to offer will be thriving components of our system.

If this somehow seems like pie in the sky, I would like to remind you that this whole world has been built by someone’s dreams and persistent actions. Here is your chance.

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