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Imagine a scenario where you just installed your new home’s roof. It looks colorful and pretty at first but to your dismay, you would soon notice that its beauty is slowly being marred by black streaks. And to your horror, these roof stains are visible even from afar. What then should you do?

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People commonly think that the weather is the sole reason why their once beautiful roofs become dull or lifeless. The climate is most commonly blamed and next to it are the trees and birds. These creatures and natural phenomenon actually have very little to do with the roof stains that you see. The culprit is actually a microscopic spore which fell on your roof and gradually multiplied. These airborne spores are your common algae or moss.

The clusters of algae or moss might just appear as stains to the naked eye but as you would look closely, these are live creatures that multiply steadily. If your roof is shaded by a tree or if it is constantly bombarded by rain, snow, or hail, then you should be on the ready mái tôn đẹp. The limestone which is commonly present in shingles made of asphalt are also an ideal breeding ground for such species. If left untreated, it could permanently damage your roof.

To clean away this unsightly occurrence, you can either ask for professional help or you could do the cleaning yourself (although there are risks involved here as the moss-covered roof could be slippery). Chlorine bleach solutions are most commonly used since they provide great surface cleaning. The only downside to chlorine bleach is that it could be dangerous if skin and lungs aren’t protected.

Keep in mind also that as you clean the roof, you have to begin at the topmost portion going downwards from there. The water and solutions that you use should also be sprayed downwards. The reason behind this is, no water or bleach solution would seep through the shingles as the gaps can be accessed only on an upward angle. Cleaning your roof with a downward motion would prevent any additional problems such as leaks to your ceilings, though this issue is much more common when high pressure is involved.

Use only a simple water hose to spray the cleaning solution off the roof. Washers that have higher pressure would clean the roof stains but might damage the shingles permanently. You could purchase a scrub brush and very gently scrub the affected areas, but this method has its own set of problems, too. It’s also important that you walk lightly on the roof so you would not cause any further damage. The gutter could also be a part of your cleaning process; check for any debris that could have been stuck in there.

Remember that roof cleaning can be a slippery job, so to make it safe you can purchase a chicken ladder along with a harness. These are inexpensive tools that you can use to keep you secure during the cleaning process.

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