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When it comes to whiter teeth, the whitening strips are the number one product that comes to mind. What many of us simply don’t realize is that we can also accomplish some good results by using the best electric toothbrush. It’s like an added bonus to brushing for a cleaner smile while fighting gingivitis.

10 Best Electric Toothbrushes 2021, According to Dentists

There are different models from different makers available on the market. Some of the electric toothbrushes cost as little as $10 or less when they’re on sale, however I’m not sure if they’re worth their price, but they surely underline the phrase – “you get what you pay for”. If you expect the best results, you should go with the best electric toothbrush available. The choice is not too hard as there are only 3 products that can really compete for the being the best title.

Philips Sonicare Flexcare, Oral B Triumph 9900 series and Ultreo Ultrasound are the best electric toothbrushes, maybe a little expensive but outstanding products indeed best electric toothbrushes. Where is the statement coming from? The long list of features and technologies that every single one of them comes loaded with. In addition to that, some of the makers claim these wonderful products will whiten your teeth as I mentioned at the beginning of this article. They really have some cool features like Sonicare’s UV Sanitizer or Oral B Triumph’s Smart Guide.

So, what’s the cost of the best electric toothbrush. The regular prices vary between $149-$179 but you can usually get them 15 to 30 percent cheaper. What you should be aware of is that in addition to buying the electric toothbrush you would want to get brushing heads and replace them every 3 months. It’s recommended that you do so because what would be the logic behind obtaining the best toothbrush if it’s not going to perform to its standards. Ok, so how much is that you ask. Again, depending on the manufacturer the price tag will vary, but should fall in a range between $15 to $40 for 1-4 brushes. So it’s not too expensive, but worth mentioning prior to buying.

You shouldn’t expect astonishing whitening results, it’s not as effective as whitening strips. What it does is whiten your teeth by removing stains. Keep that in mind.

Okay, so now you know about some other alternatives to teeth whitening, I’m sure there’s plenty more, but this one doesn’t require any extra effort to put into it.

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