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First and foremost, bath salts are not what they are marketed as or believed to be. It is called this so it can be legally sold in the United States but they are actually synthetic drugs with ingredients that can cause extreme psychotic episodes, along with other long term negative effects. The bath salts drug is sold to imitate the effects of crystal meth, cocaine, pcp, ecstacy, and/or LSD. It is sold on the Internet and corner stores, smoke shops and gas stations around the country. The drug is marketed under many names such as “vanilla sky”, “ivory wave”, “red dove”, “blue silk, “zoom”, and much more.

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A lot of people have died using this product. Deaths result from homicide, suicide, overdosing, and at the hands of friends of users or police officers. The reason some die at the hands of friends and/or police officers is because the extremely violent behavior the user of the synthetic drug exhibits and the PCP like super strength they have. The individual ingredients placed in bath salts are to blame for these deaths. Here are the most common and seemingly most dangerous chemicals placed in these products buy lsd.

Methylone aka M1, bk-MDMA, and 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylcathinone serves as an entactogen/stimulant and is classified as being a cathinone, phenethylamine, and amphetamine. This drug was patented by Alexander Shulgin and Jacob Peyton in 1996, with its intended use of being an antidepressant. In 2004, the chemical began being used for recreational use as the new designer drug to hit the Netherlands. The first product on the market with methylone was named “Explosion,” a product that comes in liquid form. Soon Explosion came to the USA and other countries, sold from the Internet.

Methylone soon became one of the ingredients used in the new synthetic bath salts drug. This chemical has harmful effects. The intensity of the negative effects of it is multiplied when blended with other dangerous substances. Below is a list of side effects associated with methylone.

Euphoria/dysphoria, mental stimulation, anxiolysis/anxiogenesis, insomnia, derealization, hallucinations, hypertension, hyper-thermia, sweating, tachycardia, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, and psychotic episodes can be found in methylone users.

Mephedrone (4-MMC) is an active ingredient identified in the synthetic bath salts drug. This concentrate was banned from use but can still be found in some of the alter egos of the drug. It falls in the amphetamine and cathinone classes and is commonly referred to as meph, drone, and M CAT. It is allegedly manufactured in China and has compounds similar to those found in Khat plants found in eastern Africa. The forms of this chemical include tablets and powders, which can be snorted, swallowed, or injected with effects related to cocaine and amphetamines.

Negative effects

Paranoia, erratic and delusional behavior, troubles with short term memory, short attention span, teeth grinding, depression, sweating, appetite loss, increase in body temperature and heart rate, and difficulty breathing. Nose bleeds and burns occur when snorting mephedrone. Under special circumstances the user may suffer heart palpitations, blue fingers, and seizures. This chemical found in the synthetic bath salts drug is also highly addictive. The user may be prone to psychotic episodes with long term abuse.

MD.P.V is a psycho-active drug with stimulant properties. First created in 1969, it became an abused discovery when it was sold as designer drugs. Some names for this chemical are Black Rob, Magic, MTV, Super Coke, and Peeve. This substance is most commonly found in the dangerous bath salts synthetic drug. Here are a list of physiological and psychological side effects users may suffer below.

Rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, narrowed blood vessels, inability to sleep, stomach cramps, increase in body temperature, chills, dilated pupils, and headaches are common occurrences. Sometimes the user of MD.P.V with experience severe paranoia, psychotic episodes, extreme anxiety, renal failure, violent behavior, and suicidal thoughts and actions. Long term use may lead to respiratory failure, liver failure, and might end in seizures.

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