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A men’s polo shirt is a thing with interesting characteristics. There are some kinds of clothing which attract every category of man, regardless of age, social status, professional specifications, personal preference and fashion tendencies. Polo-shirts could be considered one such category. Comfortable and practical, simple and elegant, this shirt is suitable in almost any surrounding, no matter if it is for leisure, work, sports, informal business meeting, garden maintenance, fishing, dating, going out etc. in spite of its sports-related origin, since the thirties of the last century polo-shirts became so extremely popular that men started wearing them every sphere of their lives. That is why every designer has a model of man polo shirt in his collection, and for the same reason polo shirts are available in the market in a wide range of colours, styles and sizes.

What makes polo shirts so special? First of all, it gives one a feeling of comfort and physical fitness, and makes you feel cheerful and optimistic throughout a day, no matter what you do. This simple t-shaped shirt can have an optionally two-button or three-button placket, and typically a pocket. The main texture for the polo shirts – 100% cotton, this is what makes them so breathable and comfortable. They can be manufactured also of polyester cotton, this makes the fabric easy to care of, that is why a polo-shirt is perfect as a work wear. Every man has things to fix in his house or something to look after in the garden (garage, front yard), so a man polo shirt is highly appreciated.

Lake Blue/navy Blue Two-tone piqué polo shirt | Prada

Besides, not all men can tolerate stiff business like suits, button-front shirts and ties, and in this case a polo-shirt can be a very helpful option. For example, in informal business surroundings, or semi-professional circumstances, where an ordinary t-shirt is out of questions, this type of shirt is quite acceptable. These days it is commonly used not only by those who work in the open, but also by retailers, engineers, and all sorts of tech professionals. And gradually polo shirts are winning a positions in other industries as well. That is why a man polo shirt can be seen in numerous offices, companies and organisations. It looks especially nice with an artistically designed logo on it, embroidered or imprinted เสื้อโปโล.

Not to mention men’s fondness for sports: polo-shirts are equally good for taking part in all kind of athletics and for attending sport events with a group of friends to support your favourite team. Every little detail is important during training, nothing should distract from you getting victory. That is why a polo shirt is designed to satisfy all the needs of a sportsman: soft collar can be loosened without any efforts by unbuttoning the placket, or can be turned up to protect the neck from the sun. Light texture of the shirt makes it possible for body to breathe and to cool itself. The advantages of the polo-shirt are obvious and could be talked over again and again, but the simple fact is that a man polo shirt is such a useful thing that it does not require any recommendation.

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