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But wouldn’t you love to get something for free and it doesn’t cost a thing? Well, it usually doesn’t happen. But, for years men from all over the world have been thinking male impotence medication has been curing their erectile dysfunction and nothing will go wrong. As a matter of fact, I read one man’s blog about how he lusts at the thought of being sexually active up till his dying day with his purple pills.

But these little purple or blue pills did create some problems for some men?

2007- The Food Drug Administration decides to add warning on male impotence medication for possible hearing loss risk after counting 29 reports of the hearing loss problem since 1998 among users of this family of medicines.

2007- Since the erectile dysfunction’s release in 1998, the Food Drug Administration (FDA) says about 40 men have noted some degree of sudden vision loss in one eye, including rare reports of blindness, after taking erectile dysfunction medication.

Apparently, you could get an erection in minutes but lose your vision and hearing in hours. Are you willing to take that risk?

Coping with an Erectile Dysfunction

I understand the idea behind erectile dysfunction medication because I am a man. I would love to get home after a hard day’s work, spend some time with family or friends and then get ready for the evening hours worry free! Who wouldn’t want to get an erection in less than 30 minutes and keep it for an hour?

But the problem is taking the risk of losing my hearing permanently?

The problem is taking the risk of losing my vision permanently?

The problem is that after taking Viagra, 23% of men get headaches, 17% experienced a flushed face, and 12% had an upset stomach?

The problem is that after nine months after Viagra was first approved, 128 people reportedly died after taking the medication, including 80 traced to a heart attack or stroke.

But with all these problems with the medication, how is a man supposed to cope with an erectile dysfunction and have any kind of sex life? I don’t think living like a monk is possible for the average man today. And I don’t think it is healthy for marriage relationships to be null of physical intimacy.

But there is another way to an erectile dysfunction cure!

Erectile Dysfunction Cure- Naturally Cure Male Impotence with these 5 steps

My career is centered around natural health and I have discovered a few things in the past 5 years. First, your body will work in an almost perfect condition if everything is maintained and healthy. However, if a person neglects their health or nutrition, the body will let you know about it by creating a dysfunction of some sort. God  Sonavel  created the body to work this way to allow man to know if something is wrong and fix it. (I believe that is also why man has a higher level working brain) The problem occurs when man ignores the problem (i.e. erectile dysfunction) and goes on living the same way. Because eventually, another problem will arise (i.e. high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart complications, stroke) which will could result in death.

However, your doctor and prescription companies might have forgot to tell you this ‘costly’ information?

Fact! Diminished blood flow to the member is the cause of most erectile-dysfunction problems. But the great thing is that a natural erectile dysfunction cure is as easy as changing a few habits and eating foods that promote circulation. Here are some good rules to remember to naturally cure male impotence.

1. Begin to Check Nutrition Labels! You should start looking at how many grams of fat you are consuming. Lower your fat intake to less than 60 grams/day. A good way to do this is to stay away from fast food, processed foods and passing on dessert and it should take care of itself.

2. Bacon is Bad! And just not bacon, any animal product with red meat is typically going to contain cholesterol. And cholesterol clogs the arteries which means less circulation down stairs. For a list of ‘bad’ foods, please check out our report.

3. Eating habits! Here are some things you should start doing when it comes to meals. You should eat meals with color and variety that are about the same size as your fist. And finally, you should begin to eat fresh and raw fruits and vegetables. You will notice a change in one week under these simple guidelines.

4. Find a good multi-vitamin. This will allow you to have more energy throughout the day (hopefully keeping you more active) and also give you more energy for the night hours.

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