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Cosmetics are comprised of a combination of different chemical substances derived either from mineral sources or chemically synthesized ones. The substances used in cosmetics and other cosmetic products are called ‘cosmetological’ substances. These substances are required to be safe for the application, use and storage by the end users. This is why, it is very important to select the most reputable cosmetic product manufacturers.

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Cosmetic products can be divided into different categories and these categories are based on the materials that are used to make the cosmetic products. These categories also consist of common ingredients and substances used in cosmetics. Some of the most common ingredients that are included in cosmetics are: Preservatives, pigments, fragranceants, colorants, adhesives, binders, and surfactants. A preservative is an ingredient that protects the balance of microorganisms and their products from contamination. Common preservatives in cosmetics include; however, Benzyl Alcohol is an extremely common preservative vaseline.

Pigments are added to cosmetics in the form of dyes in the forms of pigments and in the form of liquid carriers. Pigments are responsible for giving the cosmetic product its color, beauty and appearance. In addition, pigments are also responsible for giving the cosmetic products the color, consistency and luster. Colorants are added to cosmetics to add color to the product. Most commonly, colorants are made up of PABA (Para Amino Benzoic), which gives the cosmetic products into a bright, sunny appearance.

In order for us to fully understand the function of all the above mentioned components in cosmetics, it is important to understand what the composition of the human body is. It is a fact that all of us have a skin that covers our entire body and includes all organs, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. All these components play a major role in protecting our skin from any damage. The composition of the skin defines cosmetics.

What are the components that make up our skin? The skin consists mainly of dead cells, bacteria and oil glands and sweat. In order to keep our skin healthy, we need to keep it clean and this is accomplished by the regular cleansing and maintenance of the skin. These are the two principles on which cosmetic products are based.

One of the most common ingredients in cosmetics is petroleum based oils or lipsticks. Lipsticks are generally water-based and can be easily absorbed by the skin. There are also a wide variety of lipsticks available on the market today and they come in different colors and finishes. Some lipsticks also contain moisturizers and emollients. Lipsticks are one of the easiest components of all cosmetics to wear, as well as the one that has given a woman her unique beauty.

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