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The potential for the wrist watch type smart phones just got a lot more promising I’d say. In fact, I suspect this will be the future. Look, people are still dropping their smart phones, leaving them at Starbucks, and having them stolen. If they are attached, and they may as well be, because people never seem to live home or even a room in the home without them. Okay so, let’s talk about some of the new technologies that will make these wrist personal tech devices such a success.

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Now then, there was an interesting article in Phys Org (online science news) on September 23, 2013 titled; “Researchers publish theory, formula to improve ‘plastic’ semiconductors.” The article stated; “Anyone who’s stuffed a smart phone in their back pocket would appreciate the convenience of electronic devices that could bend. Flexible electronics could spawn new products: clothing wired to cool or heat, reading tablets that could fold like newspaper, and so on Realme X7 Max.”

Right so, maybe you smart wrist personal tech device will have a screen on all sides, you can take it off and allow it to unfold into a tablet, or use it as a smart phone via speech recognition – and yes a watch too, but that will be the least of your uses. Want to take a picture, literally point and click. You won’t have to hold your smart phone up while driving, it’s already on your wrist and your hand is already on the steering wheel, so you just talk or give speech instructions. I suppose this isn’t so critical in the future due to the advent of self-driving Google cars, but in the meantime it solves that problem of driving and texting too.

The bendable aspect to all of this allows for so many potential new innovations in the future. You could wear your wrist smart phone as a necklace, you could wrap it around your bicycle handle bars, and for commercial applications these sorts of devices might be something that could change every industry – along with the way we live, think, and correspond.

Yes, you could say that bendable electronics changes everything – it will be amazing, and the applications for such technology – truly endless. So, if you are an engineer or studying to join the high-tech sector after college, I’d advise you to secure a career in bendable electronics. I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.The A7100 Android 4.0 Smart Phone

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