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With the dawn of credit cards as a payment method, the way conventional business is conducted has undergone a remarkable change. With the majority of business houses accepting credit cards to receive payments today, the business has become fast and the money transactions are completed in a matter of seconds 聊天室. Today, many people prefer cards over other methods of payment because it is fast and offers great convenience. The regular use of cards for making payments has given rise to the concept of Plastic Money.

Traditional card terminals are immobile and 香港交友網, if you are in a door-to-door selling business, it could be difficult for you to receive card payment as it is impossible for you to carry the bulky card terminal everywhere you go. This lack of mobility of the terminals can result in loss of sale for you as the customer may back away if payment option via card is not available.

All you need to do to avoid this is accept cards online with iPhone App. You can install a credit card processing application in your iPhone 識女仔方法. This application would convert your phone into a mobile virtual terminal and enable you to receive payment through cards at any place and anytime. With this application you can accept visa or master card payments by verifying and entering the card details such as the amount of transaction, the card number, the verification code and the expiry date of the card. Entering the details would process the transaction within a matter of a few seconds. Also, the application gives you immediate feedback whether the transaction is completed successfully or if the transaction denied. Apart from having the application to accept cards online you need to set-up a merchant account with any one of the payment gateways.

While selling door-to-door, you may come across a situation where your client would be skeptical of providing you their card details when you are entering the details in your phone. However, you can assure your client that their details would remain safe and the details are not stored in your iPhone. You can assure them that the application transmits your details directly to the secure payment gateway

The advantages of accepting cards online with a credit card processing Application:

1. One of the biggest advantages of accepting credit cards online with the application is that it instills a sense of trust and confidence among your clients.
2. It will boost your sales. Many people avoid buying online if there is no option of payment through credit card. Thus, if you provide your client the option of paying through credit card, they will be tempted to buy from you.

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