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Here are a couple flat belly rules you’ll be interested in if you’re looking to get a flat stomach. You’re being mislead by “industry experts” who try to tell you that you have to workout a lot doing crunches and jogging. Those are “MARGINAL” exercises at best. Take 2 minutes to read this article to find out what you truly need to know in order to have a flat tummy.

Flat Belly Rules

1. To lose inches from your stomach, do the vacuum pose everyday

The vacuum pose is the key to flattening your stomach. Although it’s not the best exercise to do to lose weight with, it IS THE BEST exercise to do in order to drop inches from your waistline. The isometric tension literally forces the body to flatten up. The exercise is nothing more than pulling in your belly as hard as you can… pulling it into your lower back.

Then you hold it for 5-10 seconds in that position. Release then repeat.

Doing this as little as 5 minutes a day will help you to drop 1-1.5 inches from your stomach in 3-4 weeks. Do 10 minutes Okinawa Flat belly tonic a day if possible for better results. I recommend using the time during tv commercials.

2. Start your day with a breakfast high in both protein and fiber

Why? Because this will result in you snacking less and eating less calories overall for that day. Plus, you’ll be using those “early calories” for energy in the morning and afternoon. Here’s the thing… never put your body in a “catch up” mode when it comes to eating. You want to eat “ahead of the curve”… don’t let your body get really hungry. You’ll overeat and you’ll end up eating convenience foods… junk foods. When you’re hungry, you eat anything you can. Willpower is no match.

So don’t rely on your willpower. I recommend 2-3 scrambled eggs and 1/2 can of black beans for breakfast. If you’re still hungry after that, eat an apple or banana as well.

Follow these 2 flat belly rules and you’ll start to see some waistline results in a couple weeks… if not shorter.

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