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We’ve all heard the news stories of the couples who vowed to have sex every day and it saved their relationships. Sounds great, right? Make sex something that stays on the To-Do list every single day and there’s no question when the next time will be that you’ll get some. But what do you do if your wife doesn’t seem interested in sex, and you’re scared to approach her with the idea of having sex every day?

1. You’re going to have to make it worth her while. If she is bored with your sex life there is no way that you’re going to convince her to do it every day. Not only do you need to show her how this will help your relationship, but also you are going to have to go out of your way to show her how good the experience will be for the both of you literotica. Probably the best time to have the conversation with her would be right after you’ve had great sex. This way she will remember how good it can be. Don’t approach her if it’s been two weeks since you’ve had sex and you’re fighting about it. Wait until the time is right and then tell her that you would really like to try this experiment and see what she says.

2. Find some articles about other couples who have sex every day. Print them out and give them to her during your discussion. Give them to her even if she doesn’t seem receptive to the idea. Chances are, if you approach the situation openly and give her some evidence that it will help your relationship, she will think about it and agree.

3. If she really doesn’t seem like she is open to the idea of sex every day, then try to reach a compromise. If you start out with the sex every day discussion, that may be too frequent for her. Maybe she would be okay with sex 3 times a week. If you currently are only having sex every few weeks, 3 times a week would definitely be an improvement, right? Give that a try and see how much better your relationship is because you were both able to compromise.

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