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Do you want to prevent the issues of lung cancer? Therefore it is mandatory to consider all the symptoms as well as stages of lung cancer. Let’s check out the early symptoms of lung cancer might include-

  • Shortness of breath
  • Weakness
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite

Lung cancer

If anyone is suffering from lung cancer then it is mandatory to get the best treatment As quickly as possible. There are many common symptoms of lung cancer as well as back pain is one of them. People who are facing the issues of lung cancer can face unrelated back pain. Without treatment, it might not be possible to prevent lung cancer problems. However, you need to get surgery is chemotherapy that is one of the right ways to get rid of lung cancer.

What causes lung cancer?

Anyone who is facing the problem of lung cancer might be happened due to the result of smoking and alcohol consumption. Once your cells are damaged due to smoking or you cannot breathe while you are facing the issues of lung cancer.

Stages of lung cancer

Cancer is related to the different stages and you need to consider information about every stage to get the treatment. The chance of accurate treatment or success is higher when you once consult with a professional doctor. All you need to analyze the early symptoms of lung cancer and try to diagnose the problem as quickly as possible. Let’s watch out the lung cancer stages step by step-

Stage 1- The problem of cancer is found in the lung but it is not spread outside the lung.

Stage 2- Cancer is found in the length as well as it is affected nearby the lymph nodes.

Stage 3- The problem of cancer is affected in the lung and lymph nodes also as well as in the middle of the chest.

Stage 3 a- In this stage it is found in lymph nodes or on the same side of the chest.

Stage 3b- Cancer has spread to the lymph nodes or the opposite side of the lymph nodes and chest.

Stage 4- It has spread to both lungs as well as into the area around the lung or other organs. 

The survival rate in breast cancer

Do you want to know about the breast cancer survival rate? The chances of Survival are huge in the starting stage of breast cancer as well you have to consult with a doctor at the moment. Make sure that you have not ignored the symptoms and left the problem untreated

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