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The best tummy fat exercises to get a flat tummy and great feminine female abs have nothing to do with crunches, situps, and endless jogging (luckily for you). So don’t be one of those people who wastes all your time on that garbage.

Here are 4 unconventional and superior alternative exercises…

#1: Squats

I’m sure you know what squats are… squatting down with a barbell across the back of your shoulders. It’s a great overall exercise for the body and surprisingly, it works the abs better than any direct ab exercise. Why? During squats, you use your abdominals to stabilize your body and the weight. This creates a lot of tension on the ab muscles.

#2: Deadlifts

This is another whole body exercise that indirectly works the abs. You simply pick up a barbell from the ground while keeping your back straight and eyes looking forward. The internal pressure and tension on the abdominal muscles is incredible… much more than any type of crunch or situp.

#3: Plank

This is a type of isometric hold… you hold your body in place to create abdominal tension on the muscles. What you do is get on your toes, forearms, and knees. Then lift up your legs so that your forearms and toes are the only things touching the ground. Keep your back straight… like a plank. Hold this position for as long as possible.

#4: Vacuum Pose

This is my favorite exercise to get a flat tummy and great female abs that have a nice feminine look to them. What Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews you do is visualize your belly button getting sucked into your lower back. Once you have that picture in your mind, actually inhale and suck in your belly… leading with your belly button.

Suck it in as much as possible and hold for as long as possible. This exercise loses inches off the waist fast. This is the tummy exercise I focus on most personally.

Those are the best tummy fat exercises that will lead you to getting a flat tummy and feminine female abs.

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