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One of the biggest reasons to write an eBook is to build credibility online. After all, only experts in their field can write books or so the theory goes. Even when we know better, we can’t help feeling that any published author must be an expert in their field.

In essence, this attitude is generated because we all know how hard it is to get published. Major book publishers are not willing to sink the large dollars involved unless they are convinced of the capability of the author. Not only must the person be an expert in their field but they must be advanced enough to have an opinion and they must be able to explain the material simply. As Albert Einstein said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

So how do you build online credibility using an eBook?

Interestingly enough the process begins long before the book is actually written. Just the fact that you are writing a book will increase your credibility. So you want to refer to your upcoming book or your soon-to-be-released book as frequently as possible — without being obnoxious about it. Yes, it’s a fine line but you still need to find it. Certainly you need to refer to it on your website and your profiles both on the social media, your website and other locations.

Having a mini-blog with ongoing references to the process of writing your book will also help. “Coming Soon — My Book by my name. Click here for more information.” This type of button can be very powerful for your reputation — even if no one bothers to click on it!

It’s scary but you can ride this credibility wave for years!

Once you’ve written your eBook it’s time to really boost your credibility. One school of thought believes that you should give your eBook away. After all, that’s the point of a credibility booster — to get it read.

However, the second school of though believes you should never give a non-physical product away for free. So eBooks should always be charged for. Customers never value anything ufabet มือถือ that they receive for free — so this school believes — so by charging something for it you cause the reader to value it.

This group would have you create a second smaller eBook to use as an opt-in and then sell the full sized eBook — preferably for a high price. People who see the price will automatically presume that others are willing to pay that amount and that you are obviously an expert worth listening to. You then give away the best most valuable chapter in your book as a sample. This results in a major boost to your credibility.

Another trick is to always include references to your eBook when writing articles for article marketing purposes. Why? Because the credibility built by your articles will be amplified by your eBook. Think of it as starting from the ground floor or the twentieth floor. Each article helps you go up one floor of the Credibility building. But after ten articles, the person without the eBook will only be at the tenth floor. But the person with an eBook will be at the thirtieth floor. If not higher!

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