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For anyone planning on traveling to the Orient, a trip to Singapore is a must. Singapore, which means “Lion City” is one of only three sovereign city-states existing in the world today and is its own “nation,” the smallest in South Asia. Singapore gained its independence from other countries in 1965. Since that time, the standards of living of its citizens there has risen dramatically, in spite of the fact that it has recently been rated the 10th most expensive place to live in the world today.

Singapore is an island city, but is now accessible by car because of a bridge that has been built connecting it to the mainland. The city’s economy relies heavily on exports of goods to other countries and has earned the title of having the “most business friendly” economy system in the world. The city is full of historical sites, spectacular buildings and old relics and, for those looking for an oriental-experience-vacation, it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world today. In fact, the tourist industry is very big business there and is is the country’s lifeblood 레플리카.

No tourist could feel their trip was complete without a trip to a Singapore shopping centre. Many travelers say that the entire city is like visiting a giant Singapore shopping mall, and for good reason. A favored place to experience the shops is the famous “Orchard Road,” named for the spice plantations that used to occupy the place. Both sides of the street are lined with every imaginable thing that money can buy. Hundreds of shops, restaurants, spas, hotels, vendors, and offices are all brought together to create the shopping experience of a lifetime. However, even if you don’t enjoy spending money on souvenirs and trinkets, there is continual activity along the way for entertainment and there are plenty of places to just sit back, relax, and watch the activity around you.

Many of the world’s shops are represented right there on Orchard Road. Some of the most visited include The Centrepoint, The Hereen, and Tangs. Other shops located not too far distant include the Far East Plaza, DSF Galleria Scottswalk, and the Tanglin Shopping Centre. The place holds so many different kinds of shops, it would be nearly impossible for any visitor to make time to have a complete experience of everything, but like going to a banquet, you don’t have to eat everything to get a good taste of a variety of things and come away feeling full.

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