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As your children age, they enjoy Christmas gifts that will challenge and entertain their developing minds. In this article, we will look at great Christmas presents for kids between the ages of 5 and 7.

As you may know, I write a lot about gifts in the “edutainment” category. These are gifts that are both highly entertaining and use the mind at the same time. I believe that kids enjoy games that challenge their mind as well as bring a smile to their face. The first gift for these developing minds is Bananagrams Toys for 3 year old boys.

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Banagrams is a word game, one similar to scrabble, that can be enjoyed by the whole family. However, unlike Scrabble, there is no board required. You simply need a table, which makes it a perfect game to take on the road. In Bananagrams, you formulate words with the 144 large letter tiles provided. In fact, since it is such a great family game, I know many families who buy several Bananagrams so that they can have huge games. This game can be played by all those 7 years and up, including parents and grandparents.

Coming in at number 2 on our list of Christmas Gifts for kids is the Melissa & Doug Standing Easel, one of the best toys for Christmas 2009. This is an outstanding gift for all kids, especially within this age group. This is a time when children develop their artistic skills and the Melissa & Doug Easel set is the perfect tool for their development. It is a re-usable easel that the kids can enjoy time and again.

Nerf Dart Tag continues to be a huge bestseller with kids of this age group. Why? Well, you remember when you were a kid. It’s always fun to throw things and shoot toy guns and play with your friends. Nerf Dart Tag allows kids to do all of these things safely. Sometimes, pure fun is the order of the day. And Nerf Dart Tag is just that!

I have always been a large fan of LEGO sets and now we have LEGO sets for the young ones. When you see a child with LEGO sets, they are always entertained and educated. LEGO sets develop your child’s spatial recognition abilities and develop their young minds in the process. And, LEGO sets can grow with your children as there are many sets available. LEGO products are both fun and price competitive making them a good economical choice for the Christmas Season.

Finally, our fifth gift recommendation is one that may be new to you. It is called The Butterfly Garden. One thing that my kids love to do is go to the zoo. We visit the zoo at least 4 times a year and that is never enough. What if the zoo could come to you? We achieve this in small part with The Butterfly Garden.

The Butterfly Garden is a true Garden Habitat in which you get to see the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into a butterfly. This kit includes a mesh garden habitat which is collapsible and reusable. The kits also includes a mail-in voucher for five butterfly larvae. This gift is truly the gift of seeing the lives of animals take shape.

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